Treatment of Arthritis

100 Different Types = 100 Different Solutions

If you are an arthritis sufferer you probably know too well that everybody from the medical society to your Uncle Fred and your next door neighbor has a quick and painless fix for arthritis pain. And if you wanted to do a serious research on the subject, as the title suggests, you could find, as mentioned, more than 100 different types and solutions. Men and women who are older seem to be the target more than those folks who are younger. Arthritis hits them in the fingers and knuckles more any other places. Since you use these two things more than anything else on your body, except your legs, it’s easy to figure out how and where Mr. Arthritis hangs out.

Got Arthritis? Oh, What To Do About It!

When arthritis arrives in your home his name will usually be called: Osteoarthritis. It’s the most common type. And, like most everyone else, people will try to “gut-it-out” with solutions you probably can’t pronounce or spell that can run the gamut from home remedies from your Aunt Helen to prescription drugs to aspirin and eschew those cortisone shots most doctor’s recommend. Yes, having a needle stuck in a hip-joint or a knee or in the palm of your hand or fingers is not a pleasant thought. Most elderly men and women opt to take over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs. Sure, that needle may help the pain and swelling, but it’s also addictive over the long term.

If you are curious about trying a new treatment which has shown significant results in treating arthritis, you may want to look into CBD. A lot of recent research has shown it to have many properties which help alleviate arthritis symptoms as well as treat them. There are many places online which do cbd free shipping, so it is worth checking out.

Arthritis Do’s And Don’ts

Strangely enough your grandparents had a treatment of arthritis to relieve the pain that worked using what was available during their time. Topical castor oil or a castor-oil based lotion with capsaicin or menthol applied to the affective area twice a day will usually reduce pain. An every day routine to consider is doing some gentle exercise in the early evening. This will help from being “stiff” in the morning. You should also avoid a breakfast of bacon and eggs on a regular basis. However, if you suffer from arthritis it’s important to have regular eye exams; especially if your pain is near your eyes. Some arthritis medication can cause dry-eyes and other problems.

Special Note: If you have arthritis, especially rheumatoid arthritis, exercise can be a positive help. And if you watch a lot of TV where you are sitting down most of the time make sure you change positions often as well as occasional breaks.