Various Arthritis Presentations and Treatments

Every one of us has heard of arthritis. It is a common condition affecting the elderly persons although some forms of the disease affect the young.

What is arthritis and how does it influence the health of our loved ones?

Arthritis is a disease characterized by nibbling pain of the joints, tissues around the joints and the connective tissues. The condition can occur suddenly with remissions or can be chronic.

What causes arthritis?

Pinpointing the precise causes of the disease is tough. However, genetic makeup, injury, abnormal metabolism, infections and lowered immune system are thought to be the primary causes.

Arthritis affects some or all of the body’s joints. Some of the inflammatory states can result in partial or permanent loss of functions of a limb. Let us navigate through the various types of arthritis.

Infectious arthritis

This condition is caused by fungi, virus or bacteria invading the joint. These concomitants may arise from infection of the stomach, sexually transmitted diseases or transfusion of infected blood. Failure to seek early treatment can result to the germs entering the joints causing inflammation.

Inflammatory arthritis

Inflammation is a body’s response to an injury or infection. However, when the body reacts to healthy cells, it causes abnormal response resulting in damaging of surrounding joints. The outcome is a pain, swelling and stiffness that characterize inflammatory arthritis.

Inflammation can affect various parts of the body including the spine which causes ankylosing spondylitis. This condition results in inflammation of the whole body with stiffness and pain degenerating to deformity.

Skin is also prone to inflammation that causes psoriasis, an autoimmune response that causes reddish, scaly rash affecting the scalp, ears, elbows and buttocks.

Back pain

Back pain is one of the most common presentations of illness among the seniors. It is characterized by constant throbbing, stabbing or sensation of tiredness. The pain can originate from ligaments, nerves, bones, discs or joints. Also, back pain can arise from a condition in other parts of the body sending tenderness to the back. The disc forming the human trunk sometimes slips causing back pain. Another cause of back pain is osteoporosis or thinning of the bones which result to loss of the nerve cushion. The exposed nerves become sensitive leading to tenderness and pain. If you are experiencing back pain then you could take a look at getting some physio to help you with the pain. If this is something that interests you then you could take a look at going to somewhere like CK Physiotherapy.

Degenerative arthritis

The cartilage at the ends of bones forms a smooth and slippery cover that allows easy movement. Unfortunately, degenerative arthritis attacks the cartilages resulting in thinning and creating a rough and painful condition. Consequently, in an attempt to recover the lost cartilage, deformed bones develop that interfere with free movement of the joint.

Rheumatoid arthritis

This condition is characterized by inflammation of the synovial fluid leading to degeneration of bone and cartilage. The resulting pain, swelling, redness, and joint deformity lead to premature mortality and loss of vital body functions.

Metabolic arthritis

Breakdown of purines in the body from food and human cells forms uric acid. Typically, the uric acid dissolves in blood and finally eliminated through the kidneys. However, some people have accumulated levels of the chemical due to lowered clearance or the inherent inability to remove it. The chemicals aggregate in the joints forming needle-like crystals that form sudden sharp pain.

Metabolic arthritis also referred to as gout, affects the extremities usually the toes, and hands. If not treated, gout can become chronic with marked pain in the affected joint.

Childhood arthritis

This condition affects persons under the age of 18 years. It is classified into juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, juvenile idiopathic and juvenile chronic arthritis. Childhood arthritis is increasing by the day in the US which calls for an immediate intervention to alleviate the suffering of our young ones.

As we have seen, arthritis in it many forms have the capacity to interfere with our population making it less productive. Besides, the condition has marked suffering from pain and limited life’s enjoyment.

Treatment of Arthritis has consumed a huge chunk of our income with the daily visits to the doctors. However, these regular visits have borne no fruits as the condition keeps on recurring with no permanent help on the horizon.

Luckily, Wellsprings Company has introduced a wide range of natural products to solve all our arthritic problems. These products contain natural cannabinoid (CBD) oil that reduces all forms of body pain.

The CBD products are presented in capsules, drops, edible gums, lotions and oils. The active ingredient, cannabidiol, is extracted from Marijuana and Hemp plants. The introduction of the products in the market has helped people who suffer from acute and chronic arthritic pain to finally enjoy a fulfilling life.

Why use CBDs?

Obtained from natural sources

Using conventional drugs for long has several untoward effects on vital body organs. Persons who have arthritis tend to use medicines for extended periods of time causing many toxic reactions to the liver and kidney. CBD products are obtained from natural sources making them ideal for arthritis patients.

Available in many presentations

CBD products are available in several presentations making it possible for all customers to choose the best form that suits them. One can swallow, apply, inhale or ingest as drops.

Positive reviews

For the short time that the CBD products have been on the market, they have gained worldwide acceptance for their superior pain relieving activity. People who have arthritis have reported marked improvement after taking CBD products.

Affordable with free shipping

CBD products are reasonably priced to ensure more individuals who have intermittent arthritis can afford them. Also, they are packed in monthly supplies to give you an ample time to enjoy and re-order another supply. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about shipping costs as the company has paid the charges to your doorsteps.

Compliant with federal law

CBDs products are manufactured from cannabis. If you are thinking of using cannabis for medicinal purposes and are not sure on what the best way of keeping your products safe is, leafins have you covered- providing you with the best insurance cover for both cannabis and marijuana. They also a number of services available, including, Dispensaries, Ancillary Businesses and Infused Product Manufacturers. That fact should not bother you as The Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetics administration has given it a clean bill of health. The accrediting authority has ascertained that the products are safe for human consumption and use. Besides, they do not cause the “high” associated with marijuana.