Innovations in Epilepsy Treatment

What is Epilepsy?

When you are with a person who has epilepsy, you may suddenly see your friend or loved one drop to the floor start writhing, biting their tongue and all of their muscles contracting and going into spasms all at once. Besides being terrifying a grand mal seizure can be dangerous life threatening event. Web MD recommends calling 911.

First, we don’t have a complete scientific understanding of what causes epilepsy. There are different causes at different ages. Infants and young children can get seizures from genetic factors, anoxia, head injuries and infections. In older children and adults, there can be structural damage in the brain, infections, head injuries and visual or auditory stimuli which trigger seizures. One important finding was that seizures could expand across the connection between the right and left hemispheres of the brain. This means a seizure starting in one hemisphere spreads to involve both hemispheres. A treatment is to cut connective tissue in the middle of the brain, which permitted the right and left hemispheres to be studied separately. This step has expanded our knowledge of the role of the two hemispheres.

How is Epilepsy Treated?

Treating epilepsy includes drugs, magnetic stimulation, marijuana and acupuncture. The standard treatment for epilepsy is to use long term treatment with barbiturates and similar anti-convulsant drugs to reduce the frequency of epileptic seizures. Drugs have been evolving, and are more effective. Besides drugs, there is the use of transcranial magnetic stimulation. The best evidence is that there can be at least temporary reduction in frequency of seizures following transcranial magnetic imagery (TCMI).

Another innovative treatment is to use cbd to treat epilepsy, especially children with highly frequent and dangerous seizures. These interventions seem to be working and helping the children improve their cognitive and social development and resume near normal development.

Music has a paradoxical effect often discussed as the “Mozart Effect.” In some individuals, certain frequencies induce seizures. In others, the use of music reduces seizures. Another emerging treatment is the use of STEM cells, which help stabilize the genetic and other determinants of seizures. The use of stimulation to the Vagus nerve and brain implants provide rhythmic stimulation. This is an innovative treatments for epilepsy.


There are many promising lines of traditional and non-traditional interventions to reduce the frequency of seizures. This is a cutting edge area for the advancement of science and our understanding of human nervous system functioning.

Treatment of Arthritis

100 Different Types = 100 Different Solutions

If you are an arthritis sufferer you probably know too well that everybody from the medical society to your Uncle Fred and your next door neighbor has a quick and painless fix for arthritis pain. And if you wanted to do a serious research on the subject, as the title suggests, you could find, as mentioned, more than 100 different types and solutions. Men and women who are older seem to be the target more than those folks who are younger. Arthritis hits them in the fingers and knuckles more any other places. Since you use these two things more than anything else on your body, except your legs, it’s easy to figure out how and where Mr. Arthritis hangs out.

Got Arthritis? Oh, What To Do About It!

When arthritis arrives in your home his name will usually be called: Osteoarthritis. It’s the most common type. And, like most everyone else, people will try to “gut-it-out” with solutions you probably can’t pronounce or spell that can run the gamut from home remedies from your Aunt Helen to prescription drugs to aspirin and eschew those cortisone shots most doctor’s recommend. Yes, having a needle stuck in a hip-joint or a knee or in the palm of your hand or fingers is not a pleasant thought. Most elderly men and women opt to take over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs. Sure, that needle may help the pain and swelling, but it’s also addictive over the long term.

If you are curious about trying a new treatment which has shown significant results in treating arthritis, you may want to look into CBD. A lot of recent research has shown it to have many properties which help alleviate arthritis symptoms as well as treat them. There are many places online which do cbd free shipping, so it is worth checking out.

Arthritis Do’s And Don’ts

Strangely enough your grandparents had a treatment of arthritis to relieve the pain that worked using what was available during their time. Topical castor oil or a castor-oil based lotion with capsaicin or menthol applied to the affective area twice a day will usually reduce pain. An every day routine to consider is doing some gentle exercise in the early evening. This will help from being “stiff” in the morning. You should also avoid a breakfast of bacon and eggs on a regular basis. However, if you suffer from arthritis it’s important to have regular eye exams; especially if your pain is near your eyes. Some arthritis medication can cause dry-eyes and other problems.

Special Note: If you have arthritis, especially rheumatoid arthritis, exercise can be a positive help. And if you watch a lot of TV where you are sitting down most of the time make sure you change positions often as well as occasional breaks.

Treatment of Cancer

Cancer is a disease that is killing most people in the world at the moment. The disease can affect people of all ages. The rate at which the cancerous cells multiply in the body is very fast and will cause a lot of suffering to the patient. People are encouraged to go for regular screening to reduce the chances of having the disease and failing to know. With detection on time, treatment is possible, and the patient may be able to live a longer life. Most people who suffer and die is because the chance is discovered at a later stage when it has developed and affected most cells in the body. Treatment is possible and will ensure the person can survive the killer disease. Different methods of treatment are used in getting the patient in the right recovery journey.


Chemotherapy is a useful process that is used on most cancer patient. The procedure is used in treating different types of cancer like breast cancer, prostate cancer, throat cancer, liver cancer among other types of cancers that are common in human. The method involves use of drugs for treatment. The method is commonly when the cancer is discovered very early. The drugs administered are used in destroying the cancerous cells and preventing the spread to other parts of the body. It is an effective method when administered in the right way.


Use of high magnetic radiation is another method that is used in deep cancer treatment. The radiations are generated from strong systems which are capable of producing wavelengths that will help the patient be treated. The rays penetrate deep into the body where the cancerous cells are developing. The radiations help in destroying these cells making it possible to recover. The nice thing about this treatment is that it can be used on all types of cancer that have been found. It is effective since no surgery is needed. The healing is also faster, and no infections are suffered.


Some doctors use surgery to remove cancerous cells that are growing in the body. Once a body scan has been performed, the cells are found. Deep surgery is used in cutting off the affected body parts. The method is useful in some sensitive parts of the body like the brain where the use of radiations could be dangerous. Physicians decide on whether to do surgery or use another method depending on the level of growth that has happened. The surgery is more applicable when the growth is quite small.

Supplemental and Preventative Treatment

Recent studies have also shown that hemp oil for cancer treatment is surprisingly effective at both reducing the risk of cancer as well as assisting in its treatment, due to the significant anti-carcinogenic properties it has. While further research is planned, the initial results are promising enough where its use for treatment and prevention should strongly be considered.

Treatment of Insomnia

Insomnia is the state of lack of sleep. Many people who suffer from this condition is as a result of lifestyle issues. Some people do not fall asleep because of being stressed so much. If you are experiencing the problem where you cannot fall asleep when you get to bed, you will need some help from a professional. Various medical experts have ways that are suitable in helping you get back to the normal sleeping habits. The methods that are used depend on the age of a person and the real cause of the lack of sleep. After the diagnosis has been done, you are given ways that will help you sleep better.


If you are experiencing the lack of sleep, there are some practices that will help your body adjust to the normal sleeping schedule. Ensure you have enough bedtime. Try to sleep early and avoid staying up late. Watching too much tv and drinking coffee should be avoided at night. Ensure you make the decisions and stick to them. Your body will take the time to adjust, and you will recover. Avoiding bright light in your house can also be a good way of increasing the chances of you falling asleep normally. Use recommended lighting bulbs in your house.


Medication is another procedure that is used in restoring the normal sleeping habits. When you have experienced the lack of sleep, using sleeping pills is recommended. Take the prescription given by the doctor and take the right number of pills as instructed. Overdosing can be a short-term solution but may cause more effects in future. Different types of sedative drugs have been made hence you will be given the ones that suit the kind of sleeplessness you are going through. For most people, the drugs are given for use only for a short time.

A particularly effective form of treatment of insomnia, which has many other benefits as well, has been observed in cbd. Cbd capsules can easily be ordered online and are worth taking a look at if you suffer from insomnia. You should also make sure to check out cbd brand reviews as there are a lot of different types on offer and you should make sure that you have the right one for you. However, these CBD capsules are only available in some states as they haven’t been fully legalised in America yet. Be sure to use this marijuana map in order to find out if these treatments are legal in your state or not.


Cognitive therapy is where you talk to a therapist about the stress and things that are bothering you. The best tip to have a good sleep is buy avoiding many thoughts when you get to bed. Take that time to relax, and you will fall asleep immediately. Stressing will only worsen what you have been through. Keep calm and breath deep when you are in your bed. It takes a few minutes for your brain to slow down and you will fall asleep at that time. The diagnosis is done by the specialist to determine the best solution that will work for the patient. When you have experienced insomnia for many days, consider visiting a doctor.

Treatment Options For Epileptic Patients

Epilepsy is the result of abnormal brain cell activity that induces seizures. This disorder commonly occurs when there is a genetic disorder, significant brain trauma due to having a stroke, and serious head injuries. If, however, the brain trauma occurred through no fault of your own you can look at these brain damage lawsuits to understand your situation better. However, this is not always the case as brain trauma can just occur. In some instances, the cause of epilepsy is unknown. Doctors will run a number of tests to discover the underlying cause of a patients seizures to offer the proper treatment.


Regardless of the cause, Doctors will typically start patients off with anti-seizure medications, also known as anti-epileptics. Sometimes it will take many trials of medications to find the right type, dose, or combination of drugs that will allow a patient to live seizure free. In some cases, patients are not able to eliminate seizures completely through medications, but the frequency and intensity will be significantly reduced. There has also recently been a lot of studies which show that treatment with cbd hemp oil can be effective at treating epilepsy.

However, a different treatment option could provide additional benefits if the medications have shown not to improve a patients condition.

Stimulation Of The Vagus Nerve

Should medications not give results, doctors may decide to implant a vagus nerve stimulation device into a patients chest. This device goes directly under the skin near a patients chest, similar to that of a pacemaker. This device has wires that attach to the vagus nerve that runs through a patients neck. This device will send out short electrical bursts from the nerve into the brain through the small battery inside of the device. This method’s known to decrease the amount of seizures a patient has by as much as 40%. Combined with anti-epileptic medications, patients could live a seizure free life.

Surgical Options

A more invasive form of treatment requires the use of two different surgical options. The first choice is for patients whose seizures originate from a certain portion of the brain that has no effect of the patients speech, vision, hearing, or motor skills. The patient will have laboratory testing to decide which part of the brain it effects before having surgery. This surgery will require a surgeon to remove the part of the brain causing seizures, thus eliminating the problematic area and alleviating the seizures.

The second surgical option’s required for patients whose seizures are found in areas of the brain that control vital bodily functions. With this surgery, patients are awake during the surgery so the surgeon can monitor their vital functions and ask the patient questions. Since that part of the brain effects motor functions, it cannot be removed. Instead, the surgeon will make several cuts, also known as subpial transection, in that area of the brain. These cuts will help reduce the amount and intensity of seizures, if not eliminate them permanently. This option also prevents the seizures from spreading to other parts of the patients brain.


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